I first came across the feminist diy collective all*in when they managed to organize a demonstration / street festival / concert in the midst of this pandemic winter, making culture happen in a safe (and friendly) space – people scattered in tiny groups, keeping their distance but still together (for once), a barrel camp fire for those who needed to warm up, children chasing after giant soap bubbles, and the fabulous Lö Lump and A Winter’s Heir playing what at this point still remains the one live concert and all the more appreciated musical highlight of this year, so far.
So when all*in went on to organize a zine and a sampler, i felt lucky to be able to contribute. From somewhere and just in time, a (folk?!) song materialized. I also tried something with words and graphics for the zine.
When the sampler and zine went online, i was surprised by how happy it made me, seing, reading and listening to all everyone else had done, come up with, created. More than something to read and listen to, a token that beneath the concrete cover of these past months, (queer-feminist) stuff was and is still being done, thoughts and ideas are still being shared and discussed, work, art, activism continue.